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 Living Trusts vs. Last Will –  Living Trusts are used as a substitute for a Last Will and Testament in many states, including Louisiana.  In some instances this works well in Louisiana, but Louisiana law has sufficient differences from other states that careful consideration of each individual situation must be examined prior to choosing this planning tool.  See the comparison of Living Trusts vs. Last Will planning types. The reference to the “Settlor” is the person or persons creating the Trust. A quick overview of considerations for implementation of a Living Trust is given here, but a more thorough examination of each follows:

  • Probate avoidance – Theoretically Possible.  Examination of the types of assets and costs to transfer, the settlor(s) ages, occupation, ease of use and other factors is necessary.  In any event a “Pour over” Will must be implemented for assets not placed in the Living Trust.  Louisiana also now has an “independent executorship” statute that if used can substantially reduce probate costs.
  • Future Disability – The Trust can be used to provide for continuation of financial affairs if the settlor becomes disabled.  There are alternative methods of accomplishing this.
  • Revocable – These trusts are typically revocable trusts i.e. the Trust can be revoked in whole or in part and property returned to the settlor.
  • Privacy Considerations – Living Trusts can serve to provide privacy, but to the extent real estate is involved some benefits may be lost.
  • Income and Estate Taxation – Typically since these are revocable trusts no tax benefits are gained through their use.  See the more detailed discussion on this topic.
  • Reduction in Legal and Accounting Fees –  Each situation is different, but careful examination of the total overall costs must be made.  Implementation of a Living Trusts and transfers of property into it will almost always involve more up-front costs, but under certain circumstances can reduce overall costs.

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